An Existing Contractor

Now that you're familiar with how contracting works, you're likely to be focused on achieving the best possible retention rates. We pro-actively advise you on ways to compliantly maximise your potential earnings. Work with us to establish your best possible financial future.

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Make the Most of your Income

You’re a professional contractor earning really good money because another business recognises the need for your skill and values your knowledge. They aren’t paying for contracting services; they’re investing in their own business. You need to invest in your long-term financial goals. Your Dedicated Account Manager will get to know you and understand your financial drivers. They will advise you on ways to maximise your take-home pay, increase your retention rate and assist you to achieve your personal financial goals.


“I would highly recommend Contracting PLUS if you are looking for a higher return, professional and personal service. Having dealt with other umbrella companies none matched the services Contracting PLUS provided.”


5 Ways you can maximise your Retention Rate

Nothing here is new, but when we work with you to determine your needs, then we can really start to build a plan that gives you the best chance of maximising your take-home pay. We have other ideas – but we save those for our clients!

  1. Invest in a Pension. Consider your current lifestyle. How much do you want in retirement? Pensions are a great way to plan for the long term, but also offer you great tax benefits.
  2. Figure out what’s best for you; consider purchasing a Company Car. Electric vehicles especially can offer tax-saving opportunities if you have your own Company (read our article on buying company cars).
  3. Employ a family member if you need administrative support.
  4. Review all your expenses and make sure anything that’s a business expense is claimed. The ones most often missed are technical/trade magazines, training courses and events relevant to your work.
  5. Move to Contracting PLUS.

Peace of Mind

With Contracting PLUS you’ll have peace of mind. We proactively manage your affairs keeping you up to date with all relevant information on expenses relating to your business activities. You can always remain confident that our goal is for you to be fully tax compliant.

Partnering with Contracting PLUS is an investment in yourself and your future financial health.

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Personal Limited Company

If you have been Contracting for some time and plan to continue Contracting into the foreseeable future then maybe it’s time to consider setting up your own Personal Limited Company.

A Personal Limited Company gives you the most flexibility in terms of your future wealth planning. It also allows you to employ others and to buy company assets.

Talk to our solutions team today, to see if a Personal Limited Company is the right option for you. You can contact them on  01 6110707.

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“I had my tax return processed earlier than normal this year so I could get my tax clearance cert which I needed for a mortgage application. Thanks”


How to make more money as a contractor

Here’s how to take home an extra €800

Are you getting the best advice right now? Are you dealing with an expert accountant for Professional Contractors? Are you maximising your retention? Contracting PLUS Contractors have a higher average retention rate than contractors with other solutions providers, payroll services and local accountants. An increase of just 1% on annual earnings of €80,000 is €800.  But some contractors are retaining 2% and 3% more than the average. Invest in yourself, and over time you’ll see the rewards.