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I'm the boss of me! Are you a freelancer ready to build your wealth and your brand? Turn your non-billable time spent on accounting, bookkeeping, and tax returns into Earning-Power Time!

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We know your Time is Money!

You got into freelancing to be your own boss, for the freedom and the flexibility. But as you got busier with work you also got busier with a whole bunch of other things; bookkeeping, invoicing, taxes, managing your finances, billable hours, business expenses, insurances, maybe even payroll and, well now… it’s all just giving you nightmares!

We want you to be able to do your best work and have the freedom you thought being your own boss would bring. We’re here to take the pain and worry out of your financial administration, and expenses, handling all the criteria for freelance tax requirements in Ireland. We focus on what we do best which allows you to focus on what you do best.

There is real comfort and savings (Yes, Savings!) in being able to hand over responsibility of managing the finance function to a professional so you can concentrate on what you’re good at and set about growing your business. Our service includes online accounting software that’s made for small businesses & self-employed, that allows you to track your expenses and timesheets. 

Setting up a company as a freelancer

Setting Up Your Own Company Has Never Been Easier

If you don’t have your own company and you’re a Sole Trader or a Partnership then make sure you read our advice here first.

By having your own company, you will have the opportunity to gain more control over your finances and go about your business in a much more tax efficient manner. We look after the full set-up for you (for free!). The only thing you have to do is name your company!

Already have your own company?

No problem! Freelancers like you join us everyday from other accountants. Its a really simple process. They wanted something better. They wanted something more.  If you want to work with accountants that understand you and your business, then maybe you too should Expect More

More Than Your Typical ‘Accountants’

We’ve been working with people just like you for more than 20 years. We understand you and what you need. Check out our Google reviewsnew ones land every single week. We understand how important it is to excel both professionally and personally.  We want you to have the best experience possible working for yourself, so we offer more than just accounting services to help you grow.

Freelancer Flex

New to Freelancing, or just doing it on a part-time basis and don’t feel ready to have your own Company? No problem. We have a Flexible Solution that gives you the protection of a limited company structure for those who work on an Ad-Hoc basis. There are certain benefits you can’t get with this solution, but its a great stepping-stone to your own company in time.

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