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Unsure what to ask for as your daily contracting rate? Your expertise and market conditions will largely determine what you can expect but this calculator will give you a good starting base.

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Please enter your current Annual Salary and benefits details below to estimate your daily rate.

**Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this calculator, we accept no
responsibility for any inconsistencies or errors. There are a number of other factors to consider:

  1. The achievable day rate will rise or drop depending on the current supply/demand of your
    skillset and/or you level of experience and/or your track history as a contractor.
  2. The achievable day rate will rise or drop depending on the current economic conditions and/or
    the buoyancy or otherwise of the sector in which you operate.
  3. Market Dynamics will always play a key role in determining a contracting day rate. Review the
    norms of pay in your sector and the current economic conditions. Speak to Contract Recruiters
    and check out job sites to see if you can identify a salary range for similar roles of a
    permanent nature.

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