The Professional Contractors Service Organisation

The PCSO is the voice of the Independent Professionals (iPros) in Ireland. Its mission is to establish a fair and practical tax and legislative framework for the Professional Contracting Sector.

Representing Independent Contractors since 2014

In 2013 the Revenue Commissioners launched the ‘National Contractors Project’. This project uncovered a small cohort of Contractors using non-compliant offshore structures and mis-claiming business expenses. The outcome of this was a change to travel expenses which could be claimed by Independent Contractors.

Unfortunately there are companies providing unreliable and misleading information in terms of what can and cannot be compliantly done.

The PCSO was founded to establish a clear, fair and practical tax and legislative framework specific to Ireland to cover the Professional Contracting Sector.



Michael Dineen, Chairman & Founder, Contracting PLUS

Who established the PCSO and Why?

The PCSO was established by a small number of Ireland’s leading and trustworthy Umbrella company and Limited Company Providers. Contracting PLUS was the first member and the PCSO is chaired by our Chairman & Founder, Michael Dineen.

The objective of the PCSO is to ensure the sector is Recognised, Nurtured and Supported to allow Professional Contractors to continue providing support to both indigenous Irish companies and multinationals alike, together who make a significant contribution to the Irish economy.

To this end, all members sign up to a Code of Practice which ensures only the highest standards of advice and information are offered to Professional Contractors by its members, providing complete assurance and confidence to Contractors and the companies who engage them.

How membership to the PCSO is granted

An Umbrella Company Provider or an Accountant dealing with Independent Contractors (Contracting PLUS falls into both of these categories) can join the PCSO by making a written application to the Chairman of the PCSO. The Board consider the application and if the company is deemed suitable they will need to sign up to the Code of Practice and undergo a vetting process by PwC to ensure their accounting, taxation and payroll procedures demonstrate best practice and compliance.

The PCSO in 2020

The PCSO made its fifth submission to Government in advance of the 2020 Election. Fully supported by Contracting PLUS, the key ask was for Government to recognise the needs of modern business and match these with the challenges of modern lifestyle.

The current tax and legislative system is built on the foundations of the only work being done being that of employees working for employers. We all know there are many variations of this today, and while we support the need to protect vulnerable/low-paid/unskilled workers, any policy introduced to do so should not adversely affect the professional contracting and freelancing sector; people who choose to be self-employed.

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