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Contracting PLUS Financial (our in-house financial services team) provide financial advice specifically for Independent Contractors & Freelancers. You'll get insights and advice from people who understand the unique nature of contracting life. Talk to Contracting PLUS Financial about Pensions, Income Protection, Savings Plans and Investments and ensure your long-term financial security.

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Financial Solutions for Contractors

Free Financial Advice for Independent Contractors, delivered  jargon free, that will allow you to make solid financial decisions for your future.

Our team of financial advisors will provide you with information and advice so you can make informed decisions that work for you.

You’ll get great advice on..

  • Making your money work for you.
  • Having financial security in times of need.
  • Being in the best financial position to enjoy your retirement.
  • Creating a savings plan for special events.
  • How to maximise your personal wealth.


No one wants to work forever. Whatever stage you’re at in your career, you’re already on the road to retirement. Ensuring you have sufficient income upon retirement is something you need to think about.

It’s never too early to start a pension and it doesn’t need to be a big monthly payment.

Pension funding is extremely important to contractors because as a company director you are allowed to process the pension contribution through your company as a legitimate expense and claim full tax relief at approximately 52%.

We will offer an in-depth review of your existing pension arrangements & report on their suitability to your ultimate retirement goals.

Our experienced pension advisors will tailor their advice to what you need. Don’t get caught with hidden costs in pension funds. Clear advice delivered jargon free by friendly professionals.


As an employee you most likely had some comfort knowing that if you got sick, your employer had some type of illness cover in place that would tide you over until you recovered.

When you are an Independent Contractor this security is no longer available.  What happens if long-term illness strikes or in the event of an untimely death?

Protect what matters most. Talk to us about your protection requirements.

If you already have a Life Cover policy we will review it to ensure that it is still the most competitive, as costs have decreased significantly over the last number of years.

Tax relief of approximately 52% is available on Income Protection & Life Cover premiums which ensures that it is an extremely tax efficient way of protecting you.

Savings Plans

Whether you’re saving for your wedding, your first house, college fees for your children or the trip of a lifetime, being in control of your finances is important.

Our experienced financial advisors will take the time to understand your personal situation and requirements, they will help you identify the best savings and investment solutions for your circumstances so that you can realise your desired financial goals now and into the future.

Tax Efficient

One of the great benefits of being a Professional Contractor is the ability to earn a substantial income and then use this money in a way which allows you have the lifestyle you want while building your future wealth in a tax efficient manner.

Generous tax reliefs are available to you as a contractor in relation to pension contributions, as well as income protection & life cover premiums which can help you to maximise your percentage of income retention.


Advice driven by your goals

  • Tailor-made advice & solutions.
  • Build and manage your personal wealth.
  • How to protect your income and your family should your circumstances change.
  • Basic pension principles and planning.
  • How to make provision for college fees.
  • How best to plan for big life-events.




“I was delighted after my call. I had 3 small pensions from previous employers, I had never looked at what they would yield at 65. I got the advice I needed – to take my pension contributions seriously, so that I would have enough money available to allow me retire comfortably at 65. So grateful to have the information now and enough time to address it.”


Built for Contractors


Our focus in Contracting PLUS is to help you and the thousands of Professional Contractors and Freelancers just like you to create a structure which protects you, your income and your family.

Carol Brick is Managing Director of our in-house financial services business, Contracting PLUS Financial. Supported by a dedicated and professional team, Carol’s vision has created a business which is focused on providing advice and products designed to meet the specific needs of Independent Professionals.

When you join Contracting PLUS, you have unrestricted and unlimited access to the advice and guidance of Carol and her team.



Contracting PLUS  –  Making ‘Financial Planning Simple


A division of Contracting PLUS, Contracting PLUS Financial trading as HerMoney is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.


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