Ireland's Project Economy

The most comprehensive and independently verified research providing valuable insights into the Professional Contracting Sector in Ireland. The annual survey of Ireland’s independent workforce is led by Professor Andrew Burke and his team at The Trinity Business School and commissioned by Contracting PLUS.

A must-read for Ireland’s highly skilled Professional Contractors, Business Consultants, Freelancers and the Solo Self-Employed.

Ireland’s Project Economy 2022

This new report provides valuable insights into many elements of Ireland’s ‘Project Economy’- from feedback and opinions from Independent Contractors, the specialist recruiters who source them, and companies who engage them.

Learn about what’s driving companies to choose contractors and how the success of these talented individuals is contributing to the growth of businesses and the economy. Get insider information on daily pay rates, job satisfaction and sector expansion.

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Ireland’s Project Economy 2021

Explore the first edition of our report and discover the extent and nature of Professional Contracting in Ireland’s rapidly growing project-based labour market below.

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