Ireland's Project Economy 2024

The most comprehensive and independently verified research providing valuable insights into the Professional Contracting Sector in Ireland

Ireland’s Project Economy 2024

Get your hands on the latest findings from Ireland’s independent study on the professional contracting sector. Access your copy by clicking the download link below.

In today’s business landscape, companies engage with highly skilled professionals who work on a contract or independent basis to tackle specific projects. This unique report dives deep into Ireland’s ‘Project Economy,’ uncovering valuable insights.

The research project was lead by Professor Andrew Burke Chair of Business Studies at Trinity Business School and  Dr Na Fu, Professor in Human Resource Management at Trinity Business School.  This project was sponsored by Contracting PLUS.

The report sheds light on a wide range of perspectives, drawing from the feedback and opinions of Independent Contractors, the specialized recruiters who source them, and the companies that engage their services. Delve into key aspects such as average earnings, gender pay comparisons, the evolving value of contracting, views on work-life balance, and the level of their confidence in both the economy and the contracting sector.

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The annual report of the survey results is intended for workers, businesses, government and the wider research community.

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