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Not feeling valued by your accountant? Smart Independent Professionals choose Contracting PLUS. Tax and accounting for Sole Traders, Freelancers, Contractors and Personal Limited Company owners. Simple, Smart, Specialised. Maximise your earnings, minimise your hassle.

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Switching Accountant Is Easy

Changing your accountant can often seem like a hard business decision, but the hardest part is overcoming the fear of change. As humans, fear of the unknown often stops us trying new things.

You don’t have to worry about this with Contracting PLUS as we offer a 60 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the service.

There’s no financial risk and we look after all the admin. We deal with your old accountant and make the whole process hassle-free for you.

Switching accountants has never been easier with technology allowing records and documentation to be transferred electronically.

Don’t be put off by the thought of changing accountants, it really is easy, and we help clients through the process regularly. We take all the hassle out of switching accountant.

Switch to Contracting PLUS

Whatever your reason for switching accountants, we are here to help you.

Contracting PLUS will assist you in making good financial decisions, help you to minimise your tax liability, keep your Company tax compliant, and generally make your accounting and tax life easier.

Having worked with more than 20,000 sole traders, freelancers, professional contractors, and personal limited company owners, our experience and knowledge of taxation and accounting in the self-employed sector are unrivaled.

Contracting PLUS is not your average accounting firm. We’re specialists, exclusively supporting smart professionals like you who trade in knowledge, expertise, experience, and/or time. Regardless of your industry (Pharma, IT, Engineers, Creatives, Consultants, Coaches) — We speak your language.



What you will get when you work with Contracting PLUS

  • A Dedicated Accountant will work with you and pro-actively help you identify ways to maximize your earnings and minimize your tax liability.
  • Your online portal gives you 24/7 access to your accounts so you can always work at times that suit you. We would love the opportunity to make a positive impact on your business.
  • In-house mortgage broker, as a Professional Contractor you may think that getting a mortgage is more difficult than as an employee. However, getting mortgage approval when you’re contracting or self-employed has never been easier. Introducing ‘Mortgage Navigators’ our inhouse mortgage broker, here to guide you through the journey to owning your new home.
  • Technology to help improve your efficiency and to free up some of your time. We have developed customised Apps and an online portal to facilitate the quick uploading of time sheets and expenses, a new addition is an online tax checklist making tax returns simple.
  • Experience, you will never be in better hands. For over 20 years we have delivered professional, accounting, expenses, payroll and tax services. 100’s of  Sole Traders, Freelancers, Professional Contractors, and Company owners, have used our services and with their feedback over the years we have designed products that will truly meet your needs.
  • Free Financial Advice, your financial situation is always changing, your priorities change depending on your circumstances and stage in life. The good news is whether you’re looking for advice on pensions, college fees, retaining earnings in your company, or wealth management, we can assist you.

Extra Benefits for you when you work with Contracting PLUS.

  • Contracting PLUS is the only accountancy company that produces an annual independent survey (completed by Trinity Business School) Ireland’s Project Economy, exclusively for use by those who work independently in Ireland.
  • Insurances that you need to operate your limited company compliantly are included in our services at no extra charge. (Limited companies only)
  • Industry Expertise, you will not find any company more committed to Independent working in Ireland, we understand the unique dynamics at play and we take every opportunity to make sure you and your views are heard and considered by policymakers.
  • Simplicity, you will find us straightforward and honest to deal with. We make everything as simple as possible.

Great Minds Think Alike…

We’re Specialists. We don’t work with everyone. For more than 20 years we have focussed on becoming the best accountants for those in the ‘Knowledge Economy’.

If ‘YOU’ are your business (essentially selling your time, knowledge & skills, then we are the accounting and tax advice service your business needs).

Unlike many other accountants, we don’t work with every type of business. We work exclusively with people like you who sell their time and knowledge to others. So, whether you’re in IT, Pharma, Engineering, Creative Arts, Consulting, or Coaching—let us help you to make your financial journey as rewarding as possible. Welcome to Contracting PLUS, The Choice of Smart Independent Professionals.!

Unsure if you should switch accountant?

If you are not sure whether you need to switch accountant or not, have a look at the following list. If you are experiencing any of these it may be a good time to consider switching:

1. Phone calls not returned promptly.
2. Promises, expectations and agreed deadlines not met.
3. Work not completed on a timely basis.
4. Inadequate tax planning.
5. Proactive service not provided.
6. Mistakes and poor advice.
7. Unexpected CRO and tax liabilities with related penalties and interest charges.
8. Difficulty in getting a meeting with the person you want to deal with.
9. Unexpected fees.
10. Lack of technical knowledge.
11. Limited resources.
12. Limited contact.

If you are still unsure as to whether you should switch or not, please call our Contracting Consultants there is no obligation and no charge and we would love the opportunity to help (01) 6110707

Contracting PLUS – Making Switching Accountant, Simple


“Contracting PLUS is outstanding from set up to monthly management and processing of salary and tax rebate. Account manager has been exceptional helping query, manage and supported me during my contracting time. I would highly recommend Contracting PLUS if you are looking for a higher return, professional and personal service. Having dealt with other companies none matched the services Contracting PLUS provided.”


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