Expenses for Contractors

When you are a Professional Contractor or Self-Employed, you can claim Business Expenses to reduce your tax liability. To make sure you're claiming all you can, read our helpful advice on what expenses are available to you (such as training, office equipment, relocating etc.) below!

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Working From Home Expenses

Working from home has never been more popular or as accepted as it is today.

As a Professional Contractor you are entitled to claim a variety of expenses associated with working from home.

Jimmy Sheehan, Managing Director of Contracting PLUS, put together a short video (while working from home) to highlight the more popular expenses you can claim when self-employed and working from home.

Your Dedicated Account Manager will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding your individual situation.

How Business Expenses Work

The general rule of thumb is that if you need to spend money to complete your work, and that purchase isn’t one which you would normally make in everyday life, then the expense is an allowable one and you can claim tax relief on it.

Click here to read our guide to Popular Expenses Claimed by Contractors.

*Please note it is important to keep a copy of receipts associated with business expenses. This can be easily done using your Contracting PLUS mobile App.

What expenses can I claim as a contractor

How to save €10,000 in tax almost every year.

It’s typically one of the first questions we get asked by every new contractor; “How can I pay less tax?” Everyone pays tax, but there’s no rule that says you’ve got to leave a tip!

This article proved very popular when we first wrote it in 2019 so we keep it updated to take account of any tax changes implemented.

Make sure to check out these tips so you’re not missing out.

Relocation Expenses

From moving costs, travel, hotels and even rent, there are lots of expenses you might never have considered claiming when relocating for a contract role.

We have a whole section on our website dedicated to ‘Relocating for a contract role’.

However this article is a nice summary if you just want the highlights.

Buying A Car through your Limited Company

It’s a popular question but doing it doesn’t always make sense.

In this article, Joanne McGrath, who heads up the team who look after our Personal Limited Company clients, walks you through the Pros and Cons of buying a car through your own Limited Company.

When you’re with Contracting PLUS, your Dedicated Account Manager will understand the business sector you work in. They will be aware of the expenses normally claimed and will be happy to answer all your expenses questions.

A picture of a person who bought a company car as a business expense with their personal limited company.

Contracting PLUS – Making ‘claiming expenses’ Simple

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