Relocating for a Contract Role

If you're moving to Ireland (or within Ireland) for a Contract role, there'll be lots to get sorted. We've tried to make things a little simpler with this useful guide.

Expenses you can claim when Relocating…

A picture of a family relocating to Ireland for a contract role.

Remember to keep all your bills and receipts!

When you are relocating for a Contract role, there are specific expense costs which can be claimed. If you’re relocating for a longer-term contract (6+ months) and the relocation distance is deemed ‘non-commutable’ (100+ KM) you may be entitled to tax relief on some or all of the costs associated with your move.

We’ve outlined some of these in this section. When you choose Contracting PLUS, we’ll give you the advice you need to ensure you get the right tax relief on the right expenses.

Initial Travel Costs

  • On your initial journey to Ireland, you’ll incur travel costs. These may be flight or ferry tickets, or mileage if you’re driving. You can claim these costs along with reasonable shipping or furniture removal costs if applicable. Just ensure you keep the receipts.

Initial Subsistence Allowance

  • If you need to stay in temporary accommodation while searching for your new home, you can claim temporary subsistence. This is an overnight rate of €167 and can be claimed for your first 10 nights.

Rent Allowance

  • Your first 3 months rental costs can also be claimed tax free. You’ll simply need to provide a copy of your rent receipts or tenancy agreement to confirm the amount. This can reduce the cost of your rent by up to 52% for the first three months of your contract.

Other Costs

  • You may incur additional costs, such as auctioneers’ or solicitors’ fees which can also be claimed.

Finding somewhere to live…

Finding a suitable place to stay before beginning your contract role will be a top priority. You should consider your preferred area to live, how much rent you can afford and what it is you want from your accommodation before you start your search.

Generally speaking, when renting property you’ll need to provide your personal identification, previous rental references, a work reference or evidence of your current income (Contracting PLUS can assist with work references and proof of income).

Start your search

There are a number of websites where you can begin searching for both property to buy and rental accommodation. Some of the more popular ones are;


Contracting in Ireland

Know your rights as a tenant

Citizens Information provides guidance on tenants rights and obligations and all you need to know when looking for rented accommodation.


Opening a bank account…

How to set up an irish bank account



Setting up an Irish bank account is important. Not only will it facilitate a quick and easy transfer of your income, but it also ensures you avoid any bank charges/exchange rate fluctuations that may apply when you use a foreign bank account.

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) has this advice for opening an account and has a useful tool for comparing current accounts.


Which Bank to Choose?

There are a number of banks to consider, be it a traditional ‘bricks & mortar’ bank or an online bank. Depending on the provider, there are a number of ways you can open a current account; online, through a mobile app, over the phone or in person in a local branch.


Always here to help…

Relocating for a contract role

Relocating to a new country or city can be a very stressful time. At Contracting PLUS we know that there are many things you are trying to manage all at the same time. Our team of Dedicated Account Managers are always available to help with great advice.

They will help you understand the level and type of expenses you can claim and will seek to get them recovered for you as soon as possible. We take the hassle out of relocating so that you can get on with your work! Book a call with a member of our team. 

Contracting PLUS – Making Relocation Simple

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