How is 2023 going for you so far?

How is 2023 going for you so far?

As we hit the Summer break, you may actually find yourself with a little downtime, why not use it wisely and take stock of your year so far?  Spend a few hours reviewing the last six months, and consider what you have learned, whether you are where you thought you would be, what you could do better, what you should do more of, and most importantly what you should do less of!  Revise and update your 2023 plan if necessary. We can be our own worst critics, so be gentle with yourself as you conduct your review.

Benchmark yourself!

Have you benchmarked yourself against your peers, and reviewed your salary and working arrangements? Here are some easy tips to make sure you’re earning at your maximum potential. Make sure you check your salary in the industry sector breakdowns in our latest report on Ireland’s Project Economy 2023.
You’ll also find some great tips about understanding your market value here.

Check your financial milestones.

Have you planned for your small benefit payment? Don’t forget you’re entitled to a €1,000 tax-free non-cash payment in 2023! Read more here.
Tax time will be here before you know it. You can get ahead of the game by using our tax portal (speak to your account manager for more details). If you’re due a refund, you can get it early by completing your tax return early!
Thinking about buying or selling property or other assets this year? Make sure you read our blog on better finances first!

It’s never too late to plan.

If you haven’t got around to thinking about this year (we know you’re busy), it’s not too late!
Have a look at our annual planning tips to make sure you haven’t missed anything important.

Building your network:

Remember that strong professional relationships play a significant role in career advancement.
Evaluate your networking efforts and assess the connections you’ve built during the last six months.
Determine whether you’ve nurtured these relationships effectively or if there are opportunities for further engagement. Consider attending industry events, reaching out to colleagues for coffee or virtual meetings, or engaging in online professional communities. Cultivating your network can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations.

Revisions are allowed!

If you pause to reflect on the last six months, take a moment to validate your plan for this year. Are you sure it’s still working for you? Revisions are allowed!
Make sure you’ve given yourself space to have a break. Have you saved for your holidays and if not, you can start now. Read our blog to find out how to save each month for your unpaid time.

Assess your job satisfaction:

Take a step back and assess your overall job satisfaction. Are you content with your current role, responsibilities, and work environment? Reflect on your happiness, work-life balance, and alignment with your values and long-term aspirations.
Identifying any sources of dissatisfaction can help you determine if it’s time to explore new opportunities.

Identify upskilling opportunities:

The labour market continues to be tight and many contractors’ skills are in high demand. Are there any additional skills that would give you an even bigger competitive advantage? Check out professional development opportunities to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones. Continuous education in your field of work may be tax deductible too! Setting aside time for learning ensures that you stay competitive and adaptable in a rapidly evolving job market.

Congratulate yourself

Make sure you take a minute to pat yourself on the back. As the boss of you, make sure you celebrate the wins and be kind to yourself.

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