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The Small Benefit Scheme

Under 'The Small Benefits Scheme', Professional Contractors can claim a non-cash payment of €500 Tax Free every year. Make sure you claim yours!

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The Small Benefits Scheme

One of the advantages of being an Independent Professional Contractor is that you are eligible to avail of the Small Benefit Scheme.

Under the Small Benefit Scheme, Professional Contractors who operate through their own Personal Limited Company or an Umbrella Company can receive a non-cash payment of up to €500 each year, absolutely tax free!

As the payment must be non-cash, the most common way to avail of the scheme is through purchasing a voucher.

Vouchers offer a flexible way to pay for things you were likely to buy anyway. There’s no restriction on the store or service for which the voucher can be purchased. However only one voucher may be purchased per year.

How The Small Benefit Scheme Works

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There are essentially two simple rules to follow

1. You can only purchase one voucher in any calendar year,

2. The maximum value of the voucher is €500.

So if you buy a voucher for €200 from ‘Shop A’, and a voucher for €300 from Shop B, you’ll only be able to claim one of these.

If there’s nothing you need to buy in the immediate future with a value of €500 or more, then the smart option might be to opt for a voucher which is accepted at 100’s of stores so you have flexibility to use your voucher in the future when you decide what you actually need. (We recommend Me2You vouchers for the flexibility they offer)

Me2You Vouchers

Some of the 1000’s of locations that accept Me2You Vouchers


What you need to Know

  1. The amount of the voucher is capped at a maximum of €500.
  2. The voucher can only be purchased once a year for each individual – (You cannot buy multiple vouchers throughout the year adding up to the value of €500, so it makes sense to avail of the full €500 in one purchase to maximise the tax relief you receive).
  3. You can buy any voucher from anywhere but you will need to get a receipt made out to your umbrella company / personal limited company.
  4. There is no date restriction on when you can purchase the voucher in the year – anytime from January 1st to December 31st. However most companies buy them at the end of the year so this can slow down delivery. For this reason alone we recommend buying earlier so you have the card when you need it.

Order your voucher easily

The Small Benefits Scheme is a real bonus for Professional Contractors. Contracting PLUS has teamed up with Me2You to make this scheme as easy as possible for you to avail of.

Me2You vouchers can be used in 100’s of stores nationwide. You can use them for your weekly food shop, fuel for your car, electronic items, gifts for Christmas or special occasions and anything else you can think of. So whatever you need to buy can be purchased with your tax free voucher!!

We also have a dedicated website where you can easily order your Me2You €500 voucher.

Order your Me2You Voucher here



If you have any further questions, your Dedicated Account Manager in Contracting PLUS will be happy to help – simply get in touch at 021 4839339.

Contracting PLUS – Making ‘The Small Benefits Scheme’ Simple



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