Tax Returns For Contractors

Filing your Tax Returns couldn't be simpler...because we do it for you! We have outlined all you need to know about Tax Returns - including frequently asked questions below! Contracting PLUS - Making Contracting (and Tax Returns) Simple.

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Making Tax Returns Simple

It’s hard to get excited about paying tax. What we do get excited about however is keeping things simple for you while our tax professionals work their magic.
That’s what our whole service is based around for our Contractors – Making Tax Returns Simple.
The Tax Return (Form11) at the end of the year is just a formality because we’ve been working hard all year to make sure you have maximised your take-home pay.

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You’ll never put your Tax Return on the long finger again…

  • Mobile Friendly (so you can complete it on your commute or while binge-watching your favourite box-set);
  • Our Unique ‘pre-approval’ option speeds up any tax refunds you’re due;
  • Fastest tax-return process for Contractors

A contractor making a tax return with contracting plus

No Surprises

The only surprise you’ll get is how easy it is to complete your tax return with Contracting PLUS.

Our really simple mobile-friendly portal asks you about any information we don’t already know. Things like any rental properties you have, or medical expense claims. Maybe you bought or sold some shares and need to make a Capital Gains declaration.

Our tax experts ask you easy questions and then work their magic to make sure you get the absolute best advice. What’s not to love?

Your Tax Return is FREE!

And if simplicity and superb advice isn’t enough, how would you feel about having your tax return completed for free? (Yup you heard right).
The majority of our Contractors don’t pay a penny extra for their tax returns. Unlike our competitors in the market place, we don’t have any hidden extras. You pay for an ‘all-in’ quality service… and that’s what you get.

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There’s no additional cost for tax returns once you’ve been actively using the service throughout the year. Full details are in your welcome pack. Additional sources of income required to be included on your tax return may incur an additional charge, but these will always be agreed in advance. It’s all about being fair.

An image of the contracting plus tax return portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

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