Re-location Expenses for Contractors

Re-location Expenses for Contractors

As a contractor, there are many relocation expenses you can offset against your income to assist and support you in making the move.

Uprooting yourself from your existing life and starting a brand new one in a new country is a really big deal. Even for those relocating as a contractor within Ireland, a grand adventure awaits but it also means you are looking at quite a few significant expenses when you make this move. Make sure you claim all the expenses you are entitled to.

Here are some of the more commonly claimed expenses;

  • 10 nights subsistence (intended to cover time in hotel, B&B etc., while looking for your new accommodation).
  • Your first 3 month’s rent.
  • Removal costs for furniture and effects
  • Cleaning costs of stored furniture
  • Travel: Flights, mileage or ferry
  • Auctioneers’ and solicitor’s fees, plus stamp duty arising from moving house.

Re-locating within Ireland

Interestingly, not a lot of people know that you can claim these expenses. For those moving within Ireland, you do need to be relocating a considerable distance. While there are no hard and fast rules we would always suggest that the move is a distance too great to regularly commute . As a starting benchmark we would look at a distance typically greater than 100km, and then take in some other factors.

Here’s more detailed information on re-locating to Ireland

If you are considering relocating for a Contract role (either to Ireland or within Ireland) talk to us. We can help you set up as a Professional Contractor immediately and give you more information on how the expenses are claimed. Call us on (01) 6110707. We are always happy to discuss your personal requirements.

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