PCSO Response to Dept. of Finance Consultation Paper

On the 28th of January 2016, the Department of Finance and Social Protection issued a Consultation Paper requesting a consultation on “Intermediary-Type Structures and Self-Employment Arrangements”. We saw this as an opportunity to bring the roles undertaken by iPros (Independent Professionals Contractors providing their service under contract) to the fore and to highlight our submission of last August relating to “Normal Place of Work” and allowable expenses.

In preparing this Submission we cooperated closely with IBEC and several other parties making Submissions.

The iPro sector is a very important resource for the Pharma and Chemical sector and for those engineering companies that work in the pharma sector building Capital Investment Projects. The same holds true for other sectors that are project driven that require specialist skills for the duration of projects, such as IT, Engineering and Pharmacology.

Below outlines some of the findings of our recent survey of the Pharma and Engineering sector that the current approach to iPros is creating:

1. Considerable Escalation in Costs of Capital Investment Projects

2. Scarcity of iPro specialists to build these capital investment projects, as they are choosing roles abroad in countries that have a clearer and more equitable taxation treatment of iPros.

3. The reputation of Ireland Inc. beginning to suffer as a place where skilled specialists are available to get projects completed in time and within budget.

These definitely are not positives for Ireland Inc.

These are consequences that could easily be avoided, and unfortunately are of our own making in not having a clearly defined and equitable treatment of our iPros, and valuing them as a resource in attracting FDI and the downstream creation of jobs from these capital investment projects.

With this submission, and also our Submission to the Department of Finance in August 2015 which focused on the treatment of travel and subsistence for contractors, we are hopeful for positive change in the future and the recognition that iPros in Ireland deserve.

We in the PCSO, will be continually lobbying to get the iPros the recognition they deserve and will continue lobbying over new government when they arrive.

Please click  Department of Finance Consultation on the Use of Intermediary-Type Structures and Self-Employment Arrangements to read the full Submission….

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