8 Great Reasons Independent Professionals Should Stay In Touch

8 Great Reasons Independent Professionals Should Stay In Touch


Why is it we are so often continually engaged in ‘Unsocial’ media when there are massive benefits to be gained from building on face-to-face relationships? Establishing strong affiliations with others in your industry has many positive upsides.

Support Network

1. Expanding your network can be productive for business.

If your peers are aware of your specific skill set, they’ll be able to notify you if they come across projects that align with your expertise. Better still, if they already have a foot in the door they’ll be able to recommend you.

2. You can rely on your network to assist when you’re unable to meet a specific client’s needs.

Holidays, sickness, family matters. There’s always something that crops up when we least expect it. If you’re on a tight deadline, being able to pull in trusted expertise will help keep your reputation intact.

3. A support network is a great sounding board.

This is especially important for those new to ‘self-employment’. Who better to learn from and help you avoid the pitfalls than fellow contractors who have already travelled that path? There are benefits too for the seasoned contractor; talking through ideas with fellow peers can provide a valuable outside perspective.

Strategic Partnerships

4. Collaborating on projects can supplement your skill set with additional specific expertise.

Joining forces with other independent professionals can help you win projects you may previously have been overlooked on. This in turn will help you grow your business. Splitting the workload of larger projects leads to shared learning and better future referrals.

5. Gaining fresh perspectives is a win-win situation.

When someone else brings positive new insight to the table your client will benefit from your joint knowledge and a high-end service/product. You on the other hand have the capacity to create something you may not have been able to achieve on your own, increasing your chances of winning future contracts/projects.


6. Sometimes you may have more work that you can practically handle.

This is generally a good scenario, it means you’re getting a lot of work. But what about your client? You don’t want to let them down. When you have a network of highly skilled consultants able to realise the client’s needs, you’ll be able to say yes to your client creating a win-win situation for everyone. The other consultant gets paid money they wouldn’t otherwise have had, and your client’s needs are met in a timely manner.

Friendship and Encouragement

7. Friendship will gift you with valuable insight about clients, projects, and industry trends.

The people best placed to give you the most insight into independent consulting in your industry (information that might not be readily available anywhere else) are the many professional contractors that are currently in your industry.

8. When the chips are down it’s good to have a knowledgeable ear in your corner.

Your peers will understand the type of encouragement you need to get through and succeed, especially when faced with a challenging obstacle. Oft-times the benefits are greater when we come together. You may even develop long-lasting friendships: it has been known to happen!

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