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Staying Well At Work

Staying Well At Work

Posted Monday, April 8, 2019

Eight hours a day, 5 days a week sitting in a chair looking at a screen, can take its toll on your body. If you are in a larger office where it is always somebody’s birthday and there is always cake to share it can mean you are consuming unnecessary calories each day!!Here’s a few simple tips to help you look after yourself and stay well in your office environment.

Drink Water

This is not just for work place well-being, this is for all places well-being. Being hydrated, benefits, the skin, the brain and the stomach (less inclined to snack if you are properly hydrated).Keep a water bottle of your desk and aim to drink at least 2 litres during the day. Aim to finish one litre before lunch and the other before 5pm. Set a little reminder on your computer to refill your water bottle. It will help you remember to drink water during the day.

Walk at lunch

Not only will this burn calories but it will help you to de-stress and it will refresh your mind. Taking a short break actually increases efficiency. You will feel better and get through more work in the afternoon. Along with this always take the stairs, take as many opportunities throughout the day to move.

Eat a healthy lunch

Bring a healthy lunch with you, being organized is one of the key success factors in maintaining a healthy diet and weight. Try to limited refined carbohydrates and include some protein and healthy fats as this will reduce the 3pm slump people talk about. Balanced blood sugar levels in the answer to overcoming the slump. Have an afternoon snack of nuts, hummus or plain yogurt with seeds or berries.

Look after your neck

If you tend to spend a large amount of time on the phone be careful that your neck isn’t bent to the side for long periods of time. This can cause neck and shoulder pain, muscle tightness, and tenderness. So consider using a speakerphone, or a headset at work when you’re on the phone.”

Look after your eyes

Eyestrain is another problem that can be encountered in front of a computer. It can cause headaches, difficulty focusing, and increased sensitivity to light. If you can’t read your screen from an arm’s length away, simply increase the font size on your computer.

Take your holidays

It’s important to take your breaks. Holidays will help to reduce your stress level and take your mind off your work. Time to re-charge and relax will boost your immune system and re-energise you.

Keep your desk Clean

Your keyboard, mouse, and phone can harbour thousands of germs that are just waiting to make you sick. So get out the disinfectant, and give everything a through clean down.

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