Contracting in India

Contracting PLUS commenced operations in India in 2008. Based from our offices in Mahe in Pondicherry and Bangalore, Contracting PLUS has over 100 highly skilled professional staff. We have experience and knowledge on Compliant Contract Solutions in India, Payroll in India, Taxation in India and all administration requirements in India.

Our Contract Solutions are designed to assist India nationals and any Expat Contractors coming into India. Our Consulting and Employment model Contracting solutions enable contractors to provide hassle free professional services across India. Our compliant solutions are designed to maximise tax efficiencies and net take home pay, while minimising paperwork and administration headaches. We adhere fully to tax legislation and full compliance in India and ensure that all tax and social security contributions are calculated correctly and paid on time.

  • Fully Compliant with right to work in India
  • Fully Compliant with the Indian Tax Obligations
  • Fast set up with no opening or closing down cost
  • Full tax assistance in India
  • Reduced Administration and Payroll Costs


With years of experience in Contracting Services, Local Knowledge and Presence, you – as the independent consultant – are in secure hands when it comes to an optimised handling of your assignment in India.

What we do:

With our Consulting and Employment model solutions, we ensure that your tax payments and the various mandatory social security contributions are paid on time.

Based on the terms offered, we go through your options to find the best solution for you and we provide you with a detailed calculation of your expected take-home pay.

When contracting in India, income taxes and social security payments are to be reported and paid monthly, all handled by Contracting Plus.

Our specialist team work closely with the Bureau of Immigration to ensure we provide a single solution to your immigration requirements.

We assist with:

  • Employment Visas, while ensuring compliance with Indian Immigration Laws.

Employment Visa automatically serves as a work permit for India, so once you receive it you will not have to apply for any additional permits to work in India.

Securing a job contract can often be the easiest part of relocating. Our team look after the needs of each individual at each stage of your relocation – prior to arrival, during your assignment and once it is time to leave again.

Contracting Plus will assist with the following:

  • Mandatory Foreigners Regional Registration (FRRO)
  • Obtaining Accommodation
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Tax Registrations
  • De-Registration

At Contracting Plus, our team of specialists provide a high level of service and we focus on your unique needs.

We arrange for all statutory reporting to Indian Tax Authorities, so that you have one less thing to worry about. We can provide and facilitate Indian payroll in accordance with local legislation – tailored to your preferred set up and solution.

Our Payroll specialists and accountants focus on getting your data processed in a timely and correct manner to ensure on-time payment of salaries and correct reporting/settlements towards the different India authorities.

Our team take a consultative approach with you, to ensure we cater to:

  • Management of all aspects of payroll administration
  • Ensuring complete tax and legal compliance for you

We would be delighted to discuss our offerings in full, if you are a recruiter or a contractor in need of Indian Contracting help.

Please contact our International Solutions team at and we will follow up immediately.