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Professional Contractors expense claims can vary depending on the nature of the contract and the work being done. Here are some examples of business expenses you may be entitled to claim;
• Mobile phone, home phone and home Internet usage
• Postage & Stationary
• Public transport / Taxis / Tax-saver ticket
• Training courses related to your field of expertise
• Business equipment
• Costs of trade magazines & subscriptions
• Travel & subsistence (this is a very contentious issue but once the journey is not to and from home to your ‘normal’ place of work, then you’re okay. We’ll give you all the advice you need around this.
The general rule of thumb is if you need to spend money to complete your work, and that purchase isn’t one which you would normally make in everyday life, then the expense is an allowable one and you can get tax relief on it.
The main thing to remember is that business expense claims should be supported by receipts. We make this easy by giving you an app where you can upload expenses as you incur them. If you are in any doubt regarding your expenses simply contact your dedicated account manager they will be happy to advise you.

You’re entitled to claim expenses for home office items while carrying out your contract in a formal e-working arrangement. These items could include electronic equipment used for your contract such as desktops, laptops, monitors, printers & other pc accessories.

If you need to set up an actual office area, then you can claim a desk, chair and light storage shelves. You may also be entitled to claim some of your internet/landline costs in addition to your mobile phone bills.

You may also be entitled to claim E workers allowance. This is €3.20 a day which works out at €64 per month completely tax free (based on a standard 20 day month) which is to cover e-workers additional electricity and heating costs for your time at home. This is generally a quick and easy way to claim a portion of the utility bills instead of the Revenue approved method. Your Dedicated Account Manager will be happy to discuss your personal situation and advise on your specific claimable business expenses.

Yes you can if you are using the internet for business purposes and the costs are paid from your own bank account.

The Revenue Commissioner’s Small Benefit Exemption Scheme allows Contractors to claim a non-cash bonus of up to €500 each year. The cost of the purchase is on a tax-free basis and will be exempt from PAYE, USC and PRSI.

Normally Contractors can purchase only one voucher to the value of €500 to fully avail of the scheme. However government regulations during Covid 19 has allowed for multiple purchase of vouchers to make up the €500. The total value cannot exceed €500.
Contracting Plus and Me2You have teamed up so that our contractors can easily avail of the Small Benefit Exemption Scheme. Gift cards can be purchased via the portal – https://contractingplus.me2you.ie/. If you choose to purchase vouchers from other retailers, please ensure that the receipt is made out to your Umbrella Company.

Yes. The cost of a work Visa is tax deductible where you are required to have a Visa to perform your contract role in Ireland.

Everyday medical expenses for you and your family’s GP visits and prescriptions can be claimed. Unusual health and Medical expenses also qualify such as speech and language therapy for a child, gluten-free products for those with coeliac disease and IVF treatment. For serious illnesses, there can be tax relief for certain travel, telephone and accommodation costs so be sure to keep receipts.

Dental costs also may qualify for tax relief at 20% where your dentist provides you with a signed Med2 for non-routine work only. You can claim for unreimbursed costs on Crowns, veneers, periodontal, orthodontic, bridgework and removal of impacted wisdom teeth. Unfortunately, you can’t include costs for routine work such as scaling, extraction, filings and the provision and repair of artificial teeth or dentures.
Your dedicated account manager or a member of our tax team will be happy to assist you in identifying the tax relief that your personal circumstances allow for.

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