Why Contracting Could be a Great Next Step

Why Contracting Could be a Great Next Step

by Adrienne Jermyn, Senior Relationship Consultant, Contracting PLUS

In recent months, we’ve seen an increase in the number of individuals contacting us whose roles have been made redundant. Redundancy can be a stressful time; however, it also offers the opportunity to take stock, to reassess and, to consider new opportunities.

Contracting offers an attractive route back into the workforce. What might be seen to be a challenging situation can turn into an exciting opportunity. Contracting offers flexibility, variety, and the ability to build a portfolio of experience. It also offers attractive daily rates of pay, allowing individuals to earn more, while reflecting on what they would like to do long term.

Here’s why Contracting makes sense:

  1. Opportunity to Reflect while you continue Earning: Contracting can provide a quick route back into the workforce. Short-term roles can be easier to find, offer early start dates, and allow you the opportunity to try something new without long-term commitment… all helping you to maintain your financial stability.
  2. The Financials: Contracting offers premium rates of pay. You’re valued for the experience and skillset you bring to each role. Not only will you be paid more, but you can also increase your take-home pay through efficient pension options, tax planning, and the ability to claim tax relief on business expenses.
  3. Variety & Upskilling: Contracting exposes you to new companies, industries, and projects. You’ll have the opportunity to try different roles and industries while figuring out what’s the right fit for you. This variety allows you to increase your skill set further, gain valuable experience, and become a more versatile professional.
  4. Networking: While Contracting, you’ll connect with numerous Independent Professionals, many of whom work at the forefront of projects, in Top 10 companies. These connections can lead to future opportunities, such as referrals for new roles and inclusion into new networks.
  5. Adaptability: Contracting allows you to showcase your ability to adapt quickly to new situations, learn on the go, and thrive in changing situations. All these skills are highly sought after by organisations. Future clients and employers will value you demonstrating this adaptability.
  6. Confidence: Redundancy can be difficult, and in some instances, your confidence can take a knock. Remember it’s the role that’s been made redundant – your skillset and experience are valued. Contracting can quickly provide a sense of achievement and purpose again!

In summary, Contracting should be seen not only as a destination but also as an exciting and rewarding journey!

Of course, before you make any change it’s advisable to speak with an expert, consider the financial implications, and ensure you have support to make your Contracting journey simple.

That’s where we come in! Give our Solutions Team a call on 01 6110707 for a free consult on the benefits of Contracting and how to get started!

Check out How Contracting Works in the short video below or contact me by email if you have any questions Adrienne Jermyn or call me on 01 6110707.

How Contracting Works

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