About us

Contracting PLUS is a multi-national provider of accountancy, tax, and technology services for Self-Employed Professionals.


Situated in the picturesque town of Mahe, since 2008. The beautiful, calm, and serene district once a part of French India has a beautiful shoreline and is one of the four districts in the union territory of Pondicherry. Our team works with more than 4000 contractors providing Payroll, Taxation, Accountancy, Software Development, and Client Services to deliver rapid, cost-effective solutions worldwide.

Our Services

Technology Services

Contracting PLUS has core competencies in developing world-class payroll and accounting software packages. Our development focus is on creating easy-to-use, responsive payroll and accounting packages.

We utilize open-source technologies to keep the cost of development low, which in turn provides cost benefits for our clients. Our applications are easily scalable and flexible to suit client requirements. We assure clients of simple development cycles and quick deployment of applications.

We have the capability to develop custom apps designed to cater to the specific requirements of our clients.

Tax & Retention Management

Contracting PLUS ensures timely filing of contractor tax returns and keeps track of any tax credits due to them on a month-on-month basis. We ensure that tax liabilities are completely minimised for the contractor, assuring him of maximum earnings retention. Earnings retention is fundamental to Contracting PLUS services and we strive to facilitate maximum earnings to the contractor with the least amount of hassles.


Contracting PLUS has a dedicated team of professionals that facilitate a variety of payroll solutions for its client. We strive for continuous and error-free functioning of payroll processes, assuring clients of seamless and timely deliverables. Contracting PLUS processes payroll for over 4000 contractors, in varying frequency of weekly, bi-monthly and monthly. We use in-house developed payroll software to prepare, manage and disburse payments to the contractors. Contracting PLUS Payroll teams also facilitate maximum retention of earnings by processing allowable expenses to contractors. We ensure that contractors are regularly made aware of benefits they can avail to maximise their earnings.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Contracting PLUS offers first class accounting and bookkeeping support services to its client. We specialise in accounts management for contractors and limited companies in Ireland and UK. We ensure that all legal requirements for bookkeeping are met and made available to the necessary regulatory authorities. Contracting PLUS ensures that all bookkeeping administration is greatly minimized, if not completely eliminated, for its client, allowing them to focus on core areas of their services.

Our teams have grown across the globe rapidly and we are hugely proud of the achievements we have accomplished together to provide expert accounting, tax, payroll, and technology services to professional contractors.