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Tax advice for Contractors, starting a Contract Role in Ireland

Tax advice for Contractors, starting a Contract Role in Ireland

Posted Monday, July 22, 2019

By Jennifer Doyle:


If you are considering a Contract role in Ireland, having never worked here before, one of the questions that may be top of your list is how is how much will I take home each month?

In order to help you answer this question, we’ve outlined below some key information on the Irish tax system.
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Personal Public Service Number

The first thing you should do is apply for a Personal Public Service (PPS) number.  This is your unique personal identification number for public services and will allow you to register with the Irish Tax Authorities (The Revenue Commissioners).
Read our recent guide on how to apply for a PPS number.

Register with the Irish Tax Authorities

Once your PPS number has been received, you can set up an online ROS myAccount with the Revenue (the Irish Tax Authority). This online account enables you to access PAYE services, add your new work and assign tax bands and credits.

Calculating your Take Home Pay (after taxes)

Tax is regulated by the Irish Revenue Commissioners.
The below taxes are then deducted on your earnings each month;
– Income Tax
– Universal Social Charge (USC)
– Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI)

For ease, you can use our Online Tax Calculator to calculate the net amount you’ll receive each month, but we’ve also outlined the tax rates below for your information.

Income Tax / PAYE:

Income tax is calculated on taxable pay i.e., after any expenses and pension contributions are deducted. Income tax applies at 20% up to the amount of your tax band (€35,300 being the standard individual band in 2019), and 40% on the balance.
The total amount due is then reduced by your allocated tax credits.

Universal Social Charge:

USC is a tax payable on total income. The 2019 rates of USC are applied based on the thresholds outlined below.

2019 Rate

First €12,012 0.5%
Next €7,862 (€19,874 total) 2%
Next €50,170 (€70,044 total) 4.5%
Balance 8%

Pay Related Social Insurance:

Social insurance is used to fund social welfare benefits and pensions. It is calculated and deducted based on your earnings and is divided into different categories know as classes or rates of contribution. The two most common are A Class and S Class.
The employee PRSI contribution is usually 4%.
The employer PRSI contribution is either 8.7% or 10.95% depending on your earning level.

If you are moving to Ireland for work, it’s important that you think about tax sooner rather than later to ensure you are tax compliant from the start.
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