We have been providing first class contract accountants to IT and Engineering contractors for over 10 years. We currently have in excess of 3000 such contractors on our books. Our reputation in this sector is such that Contracting PLUS is recommended by some of the largest IT and Engineering companies, along with recruitment agencies, in Ireland and abroad.

An IT or Engineering contractor operating via a limited company with Contracting PLUS enjoys the following benefits:

  • Efficient & immediate set up in limited company structure.
  • Pay-as-you-use service with flexibility of moving from one contract to the next (or work multiple contracts at same time).
  • Ability to claim tax relief on a number of Revenue approved business expenses such as costs of up skilling, courses, seminars & conferences ,computer equipment, tools, safety equipment required for IT and construction roles.
  • Automatic cover of Employer’s and Public Liability Insurance.
  • 24/7 Access to our online client portal, as well as a Smart Phone App to easily record business expenses.
  • Personal Contracting PLUS payroll manager handles all invoicing, taxation and payment transfer on your behalf.
  • Option to contribute to an Executive Pension for 52% tax relief.
  • Assistance with End of Year Personal Tax Return filing.
  • All Corporation Tax, VAT and PAYE returns completed by Contracting PLUS.


For more information please contact us at info@contractingplus.com