Michael Cunningham, Contractor.

" I started work as a contractor for the first time having been employed as staff for 25 years so I was so unfamiliar with my role as a director of a managed company and all it entails.

From the first contact the Contracting PLUS representative was helpful, courteous, very professional, efficient, and friendly.

They dealt with all aspects of taxation, invoices, expenses and company contracts in a way I would not have been able to, and continued to do so during the period of my contract, with a level of personal service and contact that is second to none !

They came recommended to me and I shall be, without hesitation, recommending them to my colleagues and friends in the future.

I would like to thank Contracting PLUS for all their help and their top class service. "

Barry Kelly, Director, ICDS Group

“We at ICDS have worked with Keith and Contracting PLUS team for several years and as a provider of contract staff to the Construction and Civil Engineering industries, I am happy to say that the knowledge and efficiency I have experienced has enabled us at to provide a timely solution for our clients.

From our Contractors perspective, I am aware that the solutions Contracting PLUS offer is tailored specifically to each individual situation, I have no hesitation recommending them to all parties in the contracting lifecycle.”

Jason McNeill Business Development Manager Vantage Resources August 2012

"Vantage Resources are specialist in contract IT placements in Ireland thus we have a very close relationship with Contracting PLUS where they provide services to a number of our contractors. The service they provided is very professional and efficient and nothing is too much trouble for them at any time of the day."

Stephen Byrne-Depuy (companies of Johnson & Johnson) July 2012

“Contracting PLUS has been my service provider for the past 18 months, this is the first time that I was employed on a contract basis. Contracting PLUS made the transition to role of a contractor a very smooth process, all the required set-ups were completed in a very structured and timely fashion – everything was straightforward and easy for me to understand the documentation I needed to provide.

Contracting PLUS’s use of available IT applications is something I find particularly impressive, in particular I find the myContracting PLUS portal of great benefit, being able to process everything through a single point of access makes life easy for the contractor. Having a representative assigned to handle invoice and payment process ensures a very consistent level of service.”

Michael Quincy Contractor July 2012

“Thanks for your assistance regarding my enquiry involving daily subsistence. I am satisfied Contracting PLUS have investigated this issue fully. It is good to know I am in "safe hands" with Contracting PLUS, as other accountants are letting contractors claim expenses they are not supposed to be claiming.”

Conor Brophy Contractor June 2012

“Thanks for your help over the year. I am delighted that I moved from my other Accountancy Provider and I will recommend Contracting PLUS to any of my contractor friends.”

Jonathan Wynne Contractor/Sept 2012

“Thank you for providing the Contracting PLUS services which I have been very satisfied with and would certainly avail of them again in the future.”

Brendan Whooley Contractor/Aug 2012

“Wow if only everything in life was as easy as using Contracting PLUS.”

Stephen Bermingham Contractor/March 2012

“And can I take this opportunity to say that Contracting PLUS have provided the best of service to me.”