We provide a quality service for recruitment agencies and companies for professional contractors, offering them professional guidance through our Solutions Team. Our team are there to assist and support you, please contact them and they will be happy to help.

Once your contractor is referred to us, we will set them up with the appropriate company ownership structure, fully compliant with company tax and finance laws in Ireland. We also sort out their Employer and Public Liability Insurance. This is usually done within a day and all documents are available for you immediately.

From that point on we handle their payroll and help them maximise their take-home pay in a tax compliant manner. The whole idea is to remove all the administrative hassle and ensure your contractor is fully satisfied with his or her working arrangements.

Our role is to provide assurance to both you and your end client that your contractor on site is compliant and well supported by accountants that understand contracting. We do this with:

  • Immediate Limited Company Structure.
  • Tax Clearance Certificates.
  • Contracts in place.
  • Invoicing on time all the time.
  • Insurance Certificates.
  • Maximising take-home pay.
  • Long term wealth creation.

A secure and satisfied Contractor is our commitment to you.

If we can do more let us know at our.commitment@contractingplus.com