From day one, we have worked closely with the Top Recruitment Agencies and Contracting Companies in Ireland providing their professional contractors with tax effective and compliant solutions. For over ten years now we have expanded our team of highly qualified accounting and tax professionals, to provide services to over 3000 professional contractors in Ireland across multiple sectors, such as IT, Engineering, Pharma, Aviation, Medical, Financial and Construction.

We have worked closely with Contracting Companies engaging in projects in Belgium, Poland, France, Sweden and across countries in Europe to ensure that their contractors can be both tax effective and compliant in each of these countries.

We are trusted by these leading recruitment companies to help their professional contractors maximise take-home pay in a tax compliant manner. We work with Recruitment Agencies and Contracting Companies to ensure that both their contractors and their end client are working with effective and tax efficient solutions that ensure they remain compliant at all times.

Our experienced payroll managers ensure your contractors are paid on time, without hassle. Our innovative IT staff provides easy to use systems, accessible from PC or smartphone. Our responsive Client Services Team make sure your contractor's issues are resolved quickly and completely.

In short, we make tax, invoicing and payments both easy and rewarding for all our contracting clients. Contact Us today and see what we can do for your contractors.