Maximise your Earnings

Higher earnings is one of the main benefits you'll get when you work as a Professional Contractor. Use our calculators to get an idea of what you could earn as a Professional Contractor. Better still, use our calculator to see how much more money you'll have in your pocket. We're focused on maximising your earnings, which is just one of the reasons Smarter Contractors choose Contracting PLUS.

Daily Rate Calculator

If you are thinking about becoming a Professional Contractor but don’t know how much to charge as your daily rate, use our simple calculator to establish your potential earnings.


Take-Home Pay Calculator

If you would like to compare your current PAYE earnings to your potential take-home pay as a Professional Contractor, use our Take-Home Pay calculator.


Contracting PLUS offers more than Umbrella Companies and Limited Companies for Professional Contractors. We are focused on maximising your Take-Home pay, you’ll always get proactive tax-saving advice, and your personal and company tax returns will be completed for you.

If you would like to find out more, please contact our solutions team on 01 6110707.

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