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You pay PRSI at the higher rate (Fill in number), this is the same rate you paid as an employee or a PAYE worker (hence the name PAYE Umbrella company). Paying the higher rate of PRSI means that you retain all your social welfare entitlements.

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There is a monthly fixed fee for the solution but if you have a month where you don’t work you will not be charged the fee.

We are so confident that you will be happy with our service that we offer a 60 day money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied in any way.

The PAYE Umbrella solution can be set up in a matter of hours and is a good solution to for people moving from employee status to contracting status for the first-time. There is one consideration you will need to make before choosing the PAYE Umbrella solution and that is whether you plan on contracting for more than 6 months. Choosing the PAYE Umbrella solution means that you will pay the higher rate of PRSI (Insert total figure here)and as a result of this you will not be maximising your take-home pay. Choosing the PAYE Umbrella solution also limits the amount of business related expenses you can claim tax relief on.

What Is a PAYE Umbrella Company ?

When you use an Umbrella (PAYE) company often called an Umbrella (Employee) company solution for your contracting work, you will feel like you’re still an employee. It is the simplest accounting solution for contractors. The PAYE Umbrella solution is simple, You work your contracted hours, you submit your hours to your account manager at ContractingPLUS, our payroll team will invoice your client, we receive payment from your client, your net pay is calculated and same-day transferred to your bank account, net of any liability.

ContractingPLUS keeps the PAYE Umbrella contractor 100% tax compliant, we calculate and actively manage your tax liability and at year end submit your tax returns to the revenue on your behalf.

Who should use a PAYE Umbrella (Employee) structure?

  • If you want all the money in your take-home pay to be yours to spend
  • If you’re new to Contracting and have a short term contract
  • If you’re taking a contract in between permanent roles
  • IF you want to keep your employee status and keep paying PRSI Class
  • If you want to return to employee status after the contract role

Interested in becoming a PAYE Umbrella Company:

So you have decided to take the plunge and move from employee status to contracting. Congratulations! at ContractingPLUS we know this can be a difficult time for you and you may have some concerns. Rest assured at ContractingPLUS we are always available to help and will response to any queries you have with simple and clear advice.

Moving From Employee to Contractor role in Ireland

Simple – Immediate – Compliant

So you have secured your contract but how do you actually become a PAYE Umbrella Company in Ireland, what are the next steps in the process;

  • Call our office
  • Register with ContractingPLUS
  • Upload relevant documents ( Copy of your passport, proof of address & your contract details)
  • Choose your solution (PAYE Umbrella Company)

That’s it!!!! Within a couple of hours we will set you up as a PAYE Umbrella Company in Ireland and you are now able to work for your client and receive your payments direct to your bank account, no paperwork, no stress and you can rest assured that at year end you will be 100% tax compliant .

Getting paid fast using the PAYE Umbella Employee Solution

  • You upload your timesheets using the ContractingPLUS portal
  • You upload any allowable business expenses using the ContractingPLUS smart phone APP
  • ContractingPLUS will invoice your client on your behalf
  • ContractingPLUS will receive payment from your client
  • Calculations and deductions will be made to determine your maximised tax-homepay
  • Any taxes and fees due will be retained by ContractingPLUS (meaning you never have to make any provisions for a tax bill at the year-end)
  • Your net pay is transferred same day to your bank account.

Note: Using an PAYE umbrella employee solution with ContractingPLUS will always keep you 100% tax compliant)

The Benefits of A PAYE Umbrella Company

Working through a PAYE umbrella company means you get most of the benefits of self-employment without any of the hassle.

  • Free and immediate set-up
  • Start invoicing today
  • All your invoicing, taxes, expenses and payroll looked after – a hassle free service for you
  • Pay as you use service. No set up fees. No close down fees. No minimum contract
  • Employers Liability, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance included
  • You keep your ‘Employee’ status (PRSI Class A)
  • You operate through a Limited Company
  • No charges when you’re not working
  • Dedicated Account Manager – always deal with the same person
  • No hidden costs. ‘All in’ service.

The benefits of choosing Contracting PLUS

  • The Irish Market Leader in accountancy solutions for contractors
  • Flexible, 100% tax compliant solutions for contractors
  • We do all your administration leaving you free to focus on your role
  • Same day funds transfer…guaranteed, or monthly fee waived
  • Specially designed Smart Phone Apps to upload & track your expenses
  • Web Portal to access, manage, & track your account 24/7
  • Proactive tax-saving suggestions
  • Insurance policies included to save you hassle and money
  • Premium Accounts, Tax and Payroll service
  • 60 day money back guarantee

I took on the services of Contracting Plus when I was doing some freelance work in the Exhibition industry recently and from day 1, the service was super.

Karl Murray
Big Boss Man

The benefits of choosing Contracting PLUS

Our compliant contractors typically achieve the best retention rates; they take home more money.

Our App and online portal remove all the admin and hassle from you.

Standard company insurances are included (at no extra cost) in most cases.

You’ll have a Dedicated Account Manager to answer all your questions.

You’ll get ongoing pro-active tax saving tips and suggestions.

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